Business – private and public businesses


Our customers are both private and public businesses

If you copy extracts from various texts and publications in connection with your work, life becomes a whole lot easier with a copying agreement with Copydan Writing.

More than 900 private businesses already have a copying agreement with us.

We also have agreements with all Danish regions and municipalities.
The agreements cover both the administration and the institutions included under regions and municipalities, respectively.

We also have agreements with the majority of Danish parishes and churches, and to a certain extent with the Danish state as well.


Visit our website on copying in businesses

On you can read all about our agreements for private and public businesses as well as for churches and parishes. The website can be used by existing as well as potential customers.

This page includes examples of agreements, a guide explaining what may be copied as well as information about the reporting on which the distribution of remuneration to the rightsholders is based.

Please note that only information for private businesses is available in English; the rest of the website is in Danish.


Further information

Contact us on tel. +45 (+45) 35 44 14 94 / or by email to and hear more about our agreements for businesses.