Educational institutions



Texts, sheet music and pictures are often copied in connection with teaching. A copying agreement with Copydan Writing makes it possible to legally make copies of all the world’s published text material. This allows for flexibility when planning the teaching.

With an agreement with us, schools and educational institutions do not need to obtain permission from the authors and publishers every time they make a copy. Copies may i.a. be made from books, magazines, newspapers, comics, sheet music, songs, non-fiction, brochures, websites, blogs and other digital media.

We offer various types of agreements with different copying frameworks. How much and how you may copy depends on the agreement concluded.


Danish website on copying for educational purposes

On you can read all about our agreements in the educational area. Please note that this page is in Danish only.

The website targets schools for children and young people, youth, vocational and adult education programmes as well as medium-cycle higher education programmes and universities.

This page includes examples of agreements, a guide explaining what may be copied under the agreement as well as information about the reporting on which the distribution of remuneration to the rightsholders is based.


Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact agreement consultant Hanne Glud Konradsen on telephone (+45) 35 44 14 94 / or by email to and hear more about our agreements in the educational area.